Gong Bath with Martyn Cawthorne


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  • Date: 22/10/2023
  • Teacher: Martyn Cawthorne
  • Price: £25.00

Sun 22 Oct



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Sound is being used more and more frequently to enhance well-being. Gongs are generators of rich sounds and vibrations – often considered beautiful, subtle, powerful and with an immensely broad range of frequencies, overtones, undertones and harmonics building atop one another.

Laying near a gong, the body’s atoms are literally vibrated by the sounds, thus we effectively have a ‘sound massage’. If everything in the world is vibrating, then it is doing so at various different speeds or frequencies, depending on its nature/make-up. The gongs, in their capacity to vibrate at a wide range of frequencies, are therefore able to bring about a resonation in whatever is nearby…. essentially they shake it up, they get things moving. They not only vibrate in our ears, but in our skin, our organs, our whole being. And with a little poetic license one could say that when things vibrate, they sing……they sing their best songs.

Such is the nature of vibration.

Martyn is a hugely in demand gong artist and the founder of the Gong Spa. We can't wait to welcome you to this unique experience here in the studio at The Life Centre. Expect multiple gongs, and a huge, vibrational experience.