Finding your flow: Yoga & Natural Health for your cycle.with herbalist and yoga teacher, Maddy Taylor


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  • Date: 09/06/2024
  • Teacher: Maddy Taylor
  • Price: £35.00

Sun 9 Jun



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This workshop is for women to become more in tune with their cycle. It will explore different yoga styles and consider how they relate to, and be helpful for, the ebb and flow of the cycle. It will be a space for connection, to the body and to other women. Attendees will learn natural practices and healthy living for supporting their hormones and creating balance through yoga, herbal medicine and nutrition.

The session includes:

~ Energising yoga flow sequence including breathwork.

~ Talk: The phases and energy of the cycle relating to prana and apana. Explaining menstrual cycle awareness, becoming in tune with the cycle and choosing a yoga practice that works for the individual. How a yoga practice can affect our hormonal health.

~ Discussion: around what yoga practices attendees find helpful at different times of their cycle.

~ Herbal medicine and nutrition advice to support a healthy cycle including sampling of medicinal herb tinctures. This would include a brief explanation on the energetics of herbs.

~ Finishing with restorative postures and guided relaxation and how this may be helpful around the time of a period.