Work For Us

Teaching Opportunities

In order to become a cover teacher at The Life Centre we require a minimum of 2 years’ teaching experience. Our scheduled teachers recommend 5 to 6 teachers that they consider most appropriate to cover their particular classes. Please attend the classes you feel match your teaching style and contact the teacher directly to see if they wish to add you to their cover list.

Alternatively, you can email to let us know why you’d like to join the cover teacher team (please include CV).

Head Office Opportunities

We are not currently recruiting for any head office positions.

Front of House Opportunities

If you have outstanding customer service skills, 2+ years’ experience in front of house roles and a passion for yoga and complementary therapies the email with a copy of your CV and why you'd like to join the team.

Karma Yogis

If you’d like to join our community and help out around our centres with daily tasks such as laying mats and tidying away props then please get in touch with to find out more. We exchange 1 hour of work for 1 free class at The Life Centre.