Hot Yoga Focus

Hot yoga newbie or regular practitioner, do you know exactly what happens to your body when you step into the hot room? We’ve outlined some of the benefits of going hot and a reminder of what you can expect from our classes.


Increased flexibility
The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of flexibility, more so than in a non-heated studio. The warmer our muscles become, ligaments and joints, the more length and movement we’re able to find within them.

Cardiovascular Strength
Practicing in a heated room means your heart rate rises to a much quicker rate in order to maintain the body’s temperature than it would in non-heated room. Pair this with a fast flowing practice using all of the muscles in the body to hold poses between 1 and 10 breaths and you have yourself a serious cardiovascular workout.

The heated room means you’ll be sweating much more than a regular yoga practice, you’ll be releasing toxins before you even start moving. Added to this, the postures themselves are detoxifying for your muscles, organs, and glands, taking the 60 minute detox one step further.

Our hot classes are taught under restorative heat panels. The panels heat the objects (or bodies) in the room rather than the air around you, this means the heat you feel isn’t muggy or close as you might have experienced in other variations of hot yoga. This type of heat speeds up the body’s healing process, making hot yoga great for any injuries you might be suffering from.*

*Please consult a doctor if you’re seriously injured before practicing yoga and let your teacher know if you’re attending class with an injury.

Just like any physically demanding yoga practice, you’ll be working every muscle in your body at some stage throughout a hot yoga class. Over time, this will improve your balance, stability and overall joint health.

What to eat and drink before and after a hot class

The general rule of thumb is to avoid any heavy meals or drinks at least 2 hours before any yoga practice. That said, make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after a hot class. If you’re feeling a little light headed after class, which is completely normal as your body will be acclimatising to the heat, we stock Vitacoco coconut water at the studio which is great for quickly re-hydrating your body.

Which hot class to try at The Life Centre North

For those who have never tried hot yoga before, we’d recommend starting with any of our Hot 60 classes, this class typically moves a little slower than the Hot Flow.

Hot Classes at The Life Centre North

Find out more about the different styles of yoga we offer in our Hot yoga studio.

Hot Yoga

Yoga practised in our specialist hot studio, heated to 38-40 degrees, which allows the muscles to warm and stretch.

  • Hot Yoga 60
  • Hot Flow
  • Warm Flow & Restore
  • Hot Candlelit Yoga