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Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic, flowing practice that moves fluidly from pose to pose. With a focus on linking the breath to movement, you can expect creative, energetic sequences set to inspiring music. Classes can be more or less physically challenging depending on the teacher and level. Not suitable for beginners.

Ashtanga Yoga

A powerful and dynamic style of yoga that follows a set sequence of poses. This style of yoga is physically demanding, but as the sequence and the postures become familiar, the practice can become deep and meditative, yet still dynamic.

Mandala Flow

In Mandala Flow yoga we move in circles and spirals around the mat, stimulating both sides of the brain and accessing parts of the body and mind that we may not perhaps access when we move in a purely linear way. Each class focuses on an element, a chakra or a particular group of muscles, using rhythmic pulsations and repetition to encourage the body to open and go a little bit further with each rotation.

Yin Yang Yoga

This class is split into two halves. Starting with the yang, the dynamic flow, to get the body moving and create internal heat. We will then move into the yin part which is the quieter more subtle practice to bring balance to the body and mind.