The Art of Intuitive Tarot Reading - a new 4-week Thursday evening course with Kate Tittley


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 29/02/2024
  • Teacher: Kate Tittley
  • Price: £60.00

Course runs every Thursday

Thu 29 Feb & 7, 14 & 21 Mar 2024



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Welcome to the wonderful world of tarot, a gateway to your intuition and really feeling in to life.
Life is a rich a beautiful painting - tarot allows us to zoom out and see the bigger picture, or focus in on nuances that we may not see at first.
Through 4-part course, we will look at what elements create the tarot, the story it tells and how we can apply this to our lives.
This is the intersection of self-enquiry, art appreciation and philosophy. Along the way we will work with the energies of different cards and their lessons. The aim is that by the end of this series you will be familiar with the deck and feel confident in reading for yourself.

1 - The Minor Arcana
Here we look at the suit cards, the significance of the numbers, the archetypes and the elemental theory at play.

2 - The Major Arcana 1
The Fool’s Journey. We will study the first half of the majors, their iconography, meaning and how it can apply to our own journeys, surmised in the Death card.

3 - The Major Arcana 2
The journey from that ends with The World, but how do we get here, and what challenges face us along the way?

4 - Readings & Spreads
Now that we have a familiarity with what happens within the pack, we can look at the pictures the cards paint. The richest of readings is The Celtic Cross, which we will dissect in this workshop.