Sisterhood Circle - Alliance Through Our Radiance with Natalie Phillips (£35)

Natalie Phillips

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  • Date: 21/04/2024
  • Teacher: Natalie Phillips
  • Price: £35.00

Sun 21 Apr



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Natalie has created the alliance through our radiance circle to remind women of their worth by restoring what the divine feminine represents in each of us and what that means to the community. This workshop is for the boundless women channeling pleasure states to elevate into higher places. Natalie is devoted to supporting women as they begin to step fully into their own uniquely powerful radiance..

We can often over look the simplicity within connecting with other likeminded women and the difficulties that can sometimes arise as we come together through the pleasure and the pain that we share as we discover the layers found in both womanhood and sisterhood.

Natalie will be offering a wide range of tools that can nurture you as you step into a more refined, authentic and fully celebrated feminine force of nature that we came onto this earth to thrive in.
This gathering serves as space for you to step into your truth and to embody the infinite potential we as women hold by just being alive.
Natalie serves to remind you of your intuitive power and how most of the tools she will sharing are all found within.

Together we will be learning..
- How to move to our own rhythm through embodiment and yoga techniques
- The power of uniting as women
- How true inner beauty will always prevail
- How to channel your language of sensuality/ Turning your gaze within
- Stepping into true sovereignty

This gathering serves as a reminder that having strong allies in your circle of sisterhood can transform your very being