Mandala Magic: Hip Opening & Arm Balances


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  • Date: 27/07/2019
  • Teacher: Danny Solomon & Fiona Finsbury
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Fiona has recently returned from India where she completed her second Mandala Yoga teacher training course with her teacher and creator of the Mandala vinyasa method, Dulce Aguilar. This workshop will be a blend of relaxing Yin Yoga and challenging Mandala Flow, which uses a unique style of breath and movement designed to target specific muscle groups in the body.

Drawing inspiration from the element of Water, we will move in a fluid and creative way around the mat. We will work progressively to increase mobility around the hip joints, so that we can have fun playing with the more challenging arm balances. We will have time to break down the postures into manageable chunks in order to explore them safely and in more detail than we would have time for in a regular class.