How to Meditate: Meditative Focusing into Effortless Meditation (£30)


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  • Date: 05/10/2024
  • Teacher: Hannah Maria
  • Price: £30.00

Sat 5 Oct



Book Workshop

How to Meditate: Meditative Focusing into Effortless Meditation

Train your mind to focus on one thing (meditative focusing - dharana) as a tool to reach a state of effortless meditation (dhyana) on and off the mat.

This workshop will demystify the art of meditation by teaching you the difference between one-pointed concentration (meditative focusing - dharana) and effortless meditation (dhyana) and how to use the former to bring about the latter.

Beginning with a philosophy talk on dharana (meditative focusing) and dhyana (effortless meditation) and the important distinction between these two limbs of Yoga, we will then practice dharana through a number of specific breathwork and meditative techniques before coming into an extended meditation.

  • Philosophy talk
  • Bija Mantra (chakra tuning)
  • Ekāgratā: the intent pursuit of one object, close and undisturbed attention.
  • Dharana: focusing the mind on a single stream of perception.
  • Dhyana: effortless meditation; consciousness of the act of meditation disappears.

About Hannah Maria

Hannah's drive to teach is born out of the transformative impact Yoga has had on her own life, time and time again, as a dedicated practitioner. She is a 230hr registered teacher after completing a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga training with Stewart Gilchrist in 2018 and a 30 hour Mandala Vinyasa training with Julie Montagu. She is eternally grateful to her wonderful teachers. In May 2023, she published her first book containing 5 years of her essays and notes on philosophy and practice in a modern context. 'Yoga: A Modern Handbook on an Ancient Practice' is available in Kindle & Paperback formats on Amazon.