Functional Yoga for Modern Bodies Workshop with Chelsey Roberts


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  • Date: 20/01/2024
  • Price: £30.00

Sat 20 Jan



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Functional Yoga for Modern Bodies - What is functional yoga? Why practice it? One definition of functional is ‘supporting us in everyday life’. Many yoga poses were created for different bodies in a different time. Functional yoga takes poses rooted in hundreds of years of traditional knowledge and transforms them with our current needs in mind.

Functional Yoga for Modern Bodies

Modern life sets us up to spend a lot of time sedentary with our hips and knees at a ~90 degrees angle (sitting, driving), or in linear movement patterns such as walking, running and cycling. How does this affect our bodies, and how can we move to balance this?

Sofas and other high furniture mean we don’t get up and down off the floor much. This leaves our hips less functionally mobile and strong. Laptops and phones can create forward leaning heads which impact all the way down our spines, especially our lower backs.

What do OUR bodies need? How can yoga support this?

This workshop will include traditional and less traditional postures, strength fused with flexibility for smooth and coordinated movement patterns, emphasis on optimal alignment, techniques to release fascial tension, lots of mobility work and a goal for you to leave with a deeper understanding of your body and feeling amazing.