Ashtanga Intermediate Series (£25)


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  • Date: 14/12/2019
  • Teacher: Donna McCafferey
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Deepen your practice with Donna McCafferey in this workshop on the Ashtanga intermediate series.

Ashtanga Intermediate or Second Series looks to be very advanced but actually many of the postures are accessible for everyone. The Second Series is also known as Nadi Shodhana as it works on cleansing the nadis, the emotional body.

It begins with a series of back bends, each one getting more intense. It is perfectly designed to follow on from the forward folding of the Primary series, where we lengthen the front of the body to create the space needed for back bending.

This workshop will explore some of the more accessible postures of the Intermediate series, starting with the back bending at the beginning. We will then move on to look at the twists and some of the more interesting postures further in. We will begin with the standing sequence which begins all of the Ashtanga sequences, adding in a couple of extra postures to prepare for the second series postures coming up.

Traditionally you would tag second series onto the end of the primary series, a posture at a time until you are proficient, but for the purpose of this workshop we will just look at a few of the postures individually with modifications to open up the body for the end posture. We will end the workshop with the finishing postures.

This workshop is suitable for anyone but does contain some advanced postures. It promises to be fun, but also a bit challenging.