Yogic Mindfulness with Jane Craggs

The pace of a Yogic Mindfulness session is slow and focussed, with consistent emphasis on the supremacy of the breath. We begin by settling and relaxing body and mind, then establishing connection to the breath, leading into the asana section of the class which will be breath led, simple therapeutic sequences to improve physical awareness, strength and mobility as well as anchoring the mind, often using simple mantra and sound. We finish with a short meditation facilitated by the focused attention on the breath in asana.

Themes from the yoga sutras are woven in to the fabric of the class along with positive invocation. This is a yoga of self-examination and contemplation rather than conventional, physical exertion, it is a workIN. In this approach we take into consideration the individual, their needs and limitations.

Moving in and out of the postures is more of a yielding to the breath, an ebb and flow into and out of the asanas, so that it becomes a moving meditation. Strength and flexibility are cultivated in this approach, however we measure progress by the quality of integration of breath and movement rather than the ability to achieve ‘advanced’ inversions, arm balances or binds.

Once you surrender to the breath and allow it to carry you through the practice you will begin to feel a sense of relaxed calm both during and long after the class has ended. The yogic mindfulness theory and practices you’ll learn in the class can be taken into daily life, and enhance your relationships both at home and at work.

Yogic Mindfulness takes place every Wednesday 19.30 – 21.00 with Jane Craggs.